Over the past 20 years, Holt has been extensively trained in many areas of emergency preparedness, response and counter-terrorism. Combined with his real-world and exercise experience you will find he is the right man for your project. Please contact Holt today.

Sponsor Training Class Date Category
TN HazMat Institute Title III Workshop / HAZWOPER 5/4/94 HazMat
FEMA Hazardous Materials – a Citizen’s Orientation (IS-5) 11/30/94 HazMat
FEMA Emergency Program Manager (IS-1) 1/13/95 Emergency Management
FEMA Emergency Preparedness, USA (IS-2) 2/2/95 Emergency Management
FEMA Radiological Emergency Management 2/21/95 Radiological
FEMA A citizen’s Guide to Disaster assistance (IS-7) 3/7/95 Emergency Management
TEMA Hazardous Materials Contingency Planning 3/10/95 Emergency Management
TEMA Incident Command System / EOC Operations 6/14/95 Emergency Management
TEMA Disaster Recovery Operations Course 7/11/95 Emergency Management
NFA Initial Response to HazMat Incidents – BC 6/15/95 HazMat
NFA Initial Response to HazMat Concepts Implementation 8/31/95 HazMat
National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course 12/15/95 Other
NFA Hazardous materials Team Operations 5/24/96 HazMat
TEMA Incident Command System / EOC Operations 6/7/96 Emergency Management
TEMA Haz-Mat Instructor Methodology 6/21/96 Training
State of Tennessee Emergency Medical Technician 6/21/96 Medical
NFA Incident Command System 7/22/96 Emergency Management
NFA IRHMI: BC and CI Handoff Course 8/22/96 Training
NOAA CAMEO Train the Trainer 10/10/96 Training
NFA Hazardous Materials Site Operations 7/26/96 HazMat
Knoxville Police Dept. Basic Reserve Police Academy 9/10/96 Law Enforcement
FEMA Mass Fatalities – Incident Response Course 12/19/96 Emergency Management
NFA Hazardous Materials Refresher Couse 1/19/97 HazMat
NFA Hazardous Materials Instructor 1/21/97 Training
FEMA EOC Management and Operations (IS 275) 3/19/97 Emergency Management
FEMA Orientation to Community Disaster Exercises (IS 120) 3/19/97 Exercise
FEMA Radiological Response Team 2/18/97 Radiological
FEMA Radiological Monitor Instructor 3/6/97 Training
TEMA Terrorism Workshop 6/10/97 Terrorism
FEMA EIS/WIN Fundamentals 8/12/97 Emergency Management
TEMA Response and Recover: Terrorism 9/27/97 Terrorism
TEMA Urban Search and Rescue Overview 9/27/97 USAR
FEMA Exercise Design Course 10/3/97 Exercise
State of Kentucky Emergency School Bus Response Program 3/29/98 Other
IAEM Terrorism Training 6/22/98 Terrorism
NFA Emergency Response to Terrorism: Basic Concepts 9/20/98 Terrorism
NFA Emergency Response to Terrorism: Handoff Course 9/20/98 Training
New Mexico Tech Explosive and Energetic Materials Familiarization 10/1/98 EOD
US Army / CDC Medical Response to Biological Terrorism 10/24/98 Terrorism
State of Tennessee EMS Technology & practice in the year 2000 11/19/98 Medical
State of Tennessee Incident Management 11/19/98 Medical
State of Tennessee EMS Update 11/19/98 Medical
State of Tennessee Pediatrics, Assessment and Evaluation 11/19/98 Medical
State of Tennessee Pediatrics, the Abused Child and the Law 11/20/98 Medical
State of Tennessee Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Warfare Agents 11/20/98 Terrorism
State of Tennessee EMS, Are You a Leader 11/20/98 Medical
State of Tennessee Boom! Bombs and their Devastation 11/20/98 EOD
US Army / CDC Medical Response to Chemical Terrorism 4/22/99 Terrorism
DOE & REACT/TS Handling of Radiation Accidents by Emergency Personal 5/14/99 Radiological
DOJ / ODP COBRA – WMD “Live Agent” – Fort McClellen, Alabama 6/12/99 Terrorism
FEMA Radiological Emergency Response (IS-301) 6/7/99 Radiological
Auburn University COBRA – WMD “Live Agent” Incident Command Course 6/12/99 Terrorism
CDC Laboratory Preparedness of Bioterrorist Actions 8/25/99 Terrorism
US Army Medical Command Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Causalities 9/17/99 Terrorism
US Army / CDC Biological Warfare and Terrorism: Military & PH Response 10/11/99 Terrorism
FEMA Radiological Response Team Refresher Course 2/23/00 Radiological
Department of Energy WMD Radiation/Nuclear Agent Course 3/22/00 Radiological
FEMA Animals in Disaster Awareness and preparedness (IS-10) 3/23/00 Other
FEMA Radiological Series Train the Trainer 5/26/00 Training
Department of Energy Hospital Emergency Dept. Management of HazMat Accidents 5/26/00 HazMat
US Attorney’s Office 1st Responder Training for Clandestine Meth Labs 9/27/00 HazMat
TEMA Managing Search Operations 1/26/01 Emergency Management
TEMA Domestic Preparedness/WMD Awareness Train the Trainer 9/5/01 Terrorism
TEMA Domestic Preparedness/WMD Operations Train the Trainer 9/5/01 Terrorism
DOJ / ODP Senior Officials Workshop 8/16/01 Terrorism
New Mexico Tech – EMRTC Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings 6/18/01 EOD
LSU Academy of Counter-Terrorist Ed. Law Enforcement Response to WMD Incidents 4/30/02 Terrorism
Texas A&M University / DOJ Terrorism Awareness for Emergency 1st Responders 11/21/00 Terrorism
Department of Energy DOE Exercise Design Course 6/27/97 Exercise
TN Department of Health Bioterrorism Training 5/9/02 Terrorism
USAMRMC Advanced Topics on Medical Defense Against Biological and Chemical Agents 11/6/02 Terrorism
TEMA Refresher Course for Radiological Monitor Instructors 5/1/02 Training
Office for Domestic Preparedness Concepts and Implications of WMD Terrorist Incidents Course 12/3/03 Terrorism
National Center for Emergency Preparedness Mass Casualty / Bioterrorism Planning for healthcare Responders 6/23/04 Terrorism
Homeland Security Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation (HSEEP) Course 3/1/06 Exercise
Homeland Security HSEEP Train the Trainer Course 3/1o/2006 Exercise
FEMA Exercise Design (IS-00139) 6/30/10 Exercise
FEMA Nuclear/Radiological Incident Annex 1/29/10 Exercise
FEMA Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning (IS-00103) 6/28/10 Exercise