I am a dynamic speaker who never gives the same speech twice. With the topics I address, it is vital to be enthusiastic, use appropriate humor and always target the issues of interest of the audience. I believe people’s time is valuable and if they are willing to give me their time I will be sure to provide value.

Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

My extensive studying, training, exercising, and experience in the field have provided me with a wealth of information to transfer to others. I spend a great deal of time with academic research in the field of terrorism and counter-terrorism. I am able to extract and present, responder relevant, data in a format that is applicable to the end user.

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Israel

I spent the month of July studying counter-terrorism at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel. I have prepared a briefing on trends in terrorism and counter-terrorism in the State of Israel and the potential impacts to the United States. This briefing is adapted for the needs of each audience from the general public to law enforcement special operations officers.

Marketing Terrorism (an unclassified briefing)

Are you looking for a conference speaker who presents a topic that is different, exciting and straight from the headlines? This crowd-pleasing speech explains to audience members how marketing, promotions, sales, recruiting, and public relations are effectively used by terror groups. Conference attendees will never again view terrorism, or their own industry, in the same way. I guarantee this will be the most talked about presentation of your event.

Active Shooter / Run – Hide – Fight

Almost every business or group has an interest in preventing or responding during an active shooter situation. Schools, churches, business, and hotels all have unique needs when confronting the possibility of an active shooter. Using the principles of Run – Hide – Fight any group can be better prepared.

Preparing for Overseas Travel

It is a big, beautiful and exciting world ready to be explored by millions of business people and vacationers. I can help your group or employees be better prepared and more capable to travel safely in other countries. These briefings include generic safety guidelines, country/regional specific concerns, instructions for finding the most accurate and timely safety information. These briefings are conducted in an atmosphere of realistic probability. The goal is to provide confidence not promote fear.