Holt Clark has an accomplished career in training and leading multi-agency Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Programs (HSEEP) at the Federal, State and local levels. His experience includes 22 years in emergency planning, response, management, and exercise design. He has served as the Project Manager / Exercise Lead / Trainer for over 250 programs in 25 states. Holt is currently working as an independent contractor and is available for speaking, training exercises, workshops, and more. View Holt’s Full Resume Here.
Subject Matter Expert / Speaker / Media Analyst
Since 1997, Holt has been studying the tactics and techniques of terrorist groups and methods of prevention and response most recently earning an Executive Certificate in Counter-Terrorism Studies at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel.
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Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation
Holt was the project manager and exercise lead for one of the largest non-military exercises ever conducted. Thousands of law enforcement officers from 150 agencies in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut participated in a 5-day, full-scale exercise to evaluate the Securing the Cities (STC) program.
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Over the last 22 years Holt has designed, developed and delivered training to thousands of first responders, federal agents, elected officials, medical professionals, and corporate leaders.
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Emergency Management Operations Officer, sworn Police Officer, Hazardous Materials Specialist, licensed Emergency Medical Technician
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